Enrichment Activities

We have a variety of enrichment activities available at EHMS.  These activities typically run for several weeks, or may be special one-time events.  This page will be updated as activities end and new ones begin. Please contact EHMSAfterSchool@gmail.com with any questions about our enrichment activities.

Since space is limited, these activities require an additional registration. Our current offerings include:



(Eat Awesome Things at School)


  • What: This year, we will be having cooking classes at EHMS led by EATS, a non-profit organization that helps students develop lifelong healthy eating habits.  We are offering several 4-week sessions of cooking classes, each with a different theme. Classes are limited to 16 students, so students must register for each session.  We will have three sessions in the Fall and three sessions in the Spring. 


  • Where: Classes will be held in Ms Hales' classroom (room 204).  Classes begin right after school and end at 4:55 pm. Please check in with the after school coordinator in the lunch room before going to cooking class.  Bus-eligible students may ride the activity bus home. 

  • Cost: EATS classes at EHMS are funded through a Park City Education Foundation grant and are free to EHMS students


  • Register: Registration is open for each session. When registered you are signed up for the four dates listed in that session. Register for sessions individually.


Session 3: 


Session 4: 


Session 5: 

Session 6: 

For more information on EATS Park City, please click here.

Bus eligible students may take the activity bus home.


Stone Sculpting

  • What: Join us for a guided workshop to design, carve, and polish your own sculpture made of local Utah Alabaster stone!  This is a two-part class.


  • When: Immediately after school until 4:55 pm

  • Where: Lunch room

  • Cost: None

  • Registration: Since space is equipment is limited please ​​​reserve your space by selecting a session above.

Note: Priority may be given to students who have not taken this class before.

Egyptian Theatre

The Art of Rap/ Hip-Hop is Now!

Taught by Willy Paloma

  • What: From club bangers to protest anthems, hip-hop has become a powerful form of human expression globally. Come talk about some of your favorite songs and artists, the stories and lessons they teach about the world, and take a stab at penning some bars of your own.


  • When: Tuesdays, 3:55 - 4:55

    • Session 1: Tuesday, February 25, March 3, 10, 17, 24

  • Where: the Desert

  • Cost: None

  • Registration: Capacity 25, register here to reserve your space!



Friday Activities

ACTiV8 is organized by the Park City Youth Sports Alliance (YSA) and consists of numerous programs geared towards middle schoolers.  YSA is not associated with EHMS or the Park City School District. The information here is provided to make it easier for parents to see what activities are available at EHMS after school.  

Please visit the YSA website for more information and to register and pay for classes.  ACTiV8 website

Questions: GOAP@ysaparkcity.org or 831-254-6011

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